Celebrate Yule Fest with Finders Keepers Antique Mall Dec. 5th & 6th, 2015

yuleyule deer

Yule Love antiquing with us.   Yule Love all the discounts on vintage and Christmas merchandise.   Yule love our Hot Chocolate, Lattes and Cappucinos.  Open everyday 10am to 530pm.

Yule love everything at Finders Keepers Antique Mall & Coffee Shoppe!!!!!

Yuke ne city

Nebraska City has been celebrating Yule for a long time, before egg nog was even invented. We’re not sure where egg nog was invented, but we’re assuming it was probably here. We know we invented Arbor Day, and what would Christmas be like without trees, probably a lot like Thanksgiving.

Anyway, come on down to Nebraska City “The Home of Egg Nog” for some of the most incredible Christmas joy and shopping deals found anywhere on earth.

BTW…did you know that the original word for caroling was wassailing and that it got its start when English people would go to the orchards and sing to trees. Now you do, so come on down to Nebraska City and sing to some trees!

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