Please share this video with everyone you know.  There is an innocent babies future at stake here.

Someone knows these people!  If you know recognize these people, please care enough about this baby to call Crimestoppers.  You will remain completely anonimous!
REWARD!   Call 1-800-432-9240 or 1-712-374-2424  REWARD!

Do you know these people or this little baby?  

There is a big REWARD  waiting for you.
The small red car heading out of the parking lot at Sapp Bros. is their car.

Do you know who the man in the green t-shirt is?

Does the man in the red shirt and black t-shirt look familiar to you?

How about the younger woman in the green shirt at the check out?   Do you know who these people are?

We know they live in a radius of 150 of Nebraska City Nebraska.  And most probably even closer.  So please share this video and post.   Someone will be able to help us save the baby!

crim1   manfkeepers3car-1man2crim2crim1

We desperately need your help in finding these people. We have something of theirs.

Crime stoppers 1-800432-9240   Did I say there is a big REWARD for finding and prosecuting these folks?

Thank you for your help.  Thank you for sharing this post and video.

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